PLRB Claims Eastern Conference in New Orleans, LA
September 06-07, 2017

Andy Rock presented “Recent Property Loss Case Highlights” at the 2017 PLRB Claims Eastern Conference in New Orleans, LA, September 6-7, 2017. The strength, reputation, and national support of the Claims Conference are the result of its commitment to hardworking, intense professional development.

FIFEC Conference
June 07-09, 2017

Andy Rock presented “Fraud Case Law Update” which addressed recent case law and trends in fraud relating to First Party Property and Personal Injury Protection cases. The conference was held in Orlando, FL.

Sunshine State Conference in Atlantic Beach, FL
May 16/18, 2018

Andy Rock & Gina Glasgow spoke on “Assignment of Benefits-Who Pays?” The presentation focused on the ongoing scourge of AOB claims, and brought out effective strategies for litigating these troublesome suits.

PLRB Conference
March 26-29, 2017

Andy Rock presented “Contents Claims: Hard Fraud/Soft Fraud” where he compared hard fraud, which involves complete fabrication, with soft fraud, which involves inflation. He also identified and implemented the most effective means of detecting fraud. The conference was held in Boston, MA.

Wind Conference
January 1/17/18-1/18/18

Andy Rock presented “Property Insurance Fraud Litigation: Wind and Related Cases” This workshop analyzed and discussed recent developments in fraud litigation. They took a look at the most recent case law, statutes, and trends affecting wind and related claims. The conference was held in Orlando, FL.

Time to Celebrate
January, 2016

Our company made the Orlando Business Journal’s Top Law Firms